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  Home Builders when building a new home or ground level extensions must include a termite barrier in accordance with Building Code & Wyong Council Requirements.
Glenn DuBois of FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control Wyong • explains why KORDON is the best termite barrier for installation into buildings during construction • together with notes on the destructive termite species in the Wyong Central Coast Region.
Glenn DuBois is Technical Director at FUMAPEST • Secretary of Australian Pest Control Association • Master of Commerce UNSW • TAFE Urban Pest Control Certificate • he served on the NSW Govt Pest Control Licensing Board & Standards Australia Termite Control Committees AS.3660 & AS.4349.

FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control has a NSW Licence to install KORDON Termite Barrier in buildings during construction. We also advise builders and their clientele on what is required to protect the property from termites and related legal liabilities.

Why KORDON is the best Termite Barrier for Buildings under construction

FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control Wyong has since 1998 installed KORDON Termite Barrier into thousands of buildings without a single termite problem provided simple maintenance requirements are undertaken by the home-owner.

KORDON provides long term termite protection for the Building owner - covered by Bayer 10 year warranty - the material should remain effective for 50 or more years - indeed for the expected life of the building.
Ease of Installation - minimum disruption - uniquelly flexible - strong robust product - light and easy to transport - it comes in standard lenghths - can be easily moulded or cut (sharp Stanley knife) and joined.
KORDON can be used in all situations - new homes - commercial buildings - extensions additions - freestanding - duplexes - brick venner - double brick - weatherboard - suspended concrete flooring - bearers and joists - termite capping and shielding - concrete slab on ground flooring - infill slabs - raft slabs - woffle pods - wall cavities - perimeter - plumbing penetrations - retaining walls
Health and safety of installers - KORDON is flexible with no sharp edges - the deltamethrin chemical in Kordon is sandwiched between two plastic sheets - highly repellent to termites if they come into contact with the external edge.
KORDON doubles as a moisture barrier whn installed as a termite barrier under entire slab on ground flooring - KORDON is installed on top of bedding sand before steel reinforcing mesh is laid.
KORDON is cost effective - as the product is easy and efficient to instal - has an excellent margin for error - is light to transport in bulk - and easy to load and unload - the cost is very competitive with inferior termite barrier products.
CodeMark Accredited KORDON has been extensively tested by the CSIRO, ABSAC, BCA and FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control - and meets Wyong Council and BCA Requirements for termite control barriers installed during construction.
Quality Made Product - developed and manufactured by Bayer Australia to exacting standards.
For these reasons the KORDON Termite Barrier system is accepted by Wyong Council and meets the requirements of the Building Code of Australia and AS3660.1 the Termite Protection Standard for New Buildings.

KORDON Termite Barrier - How it Protects a Building from Termites

KORDON Termite Barrier forms an impenetrable barrier against subterranean termites, as they cannot enter the building without exposing themselves by regular periodic inspection.
KORDON Termite Barrier is made of a geotextile fibrous webbing containing a termiticide chemical, ie deltamethrin, which is sandwiched between 2 sheets of plastic. Deltamethrin is highly repellant to termites and will kill them on contact.
Unlike alternatives KORDON Termite Barrier is easy to install with a high margin for error.

KORDON repels or kills termites that attempt to go around or through the KORDON Termite Barrier in a wall cavity. The chemical contained in the fibrous webbibg in the KORDON Termite Barrier product (deltamethrin) is a highly effective termiticide tested by
Reliable: The KORDON Termite Barrier product has an an inherent confidence level not afforded by alternative products on the market. It really works. For this reason the KORDON Termite Barrier product is the preferred termite barrier product by leading home and commercial builders and specified by architects in all conditions across Australia.

KORDON Terrmite Barrier • Code Mark Accredited BCA • AS.3660 Compliant

KORDON Termite Barrier is a powerful termite and moisture barrier solution fully permitted in compliance with the Building Code of Australia. KORDON Termite Barrier has CSIRO-ABSAC Appraisal that it meets necessary performance requirements.
CodeMark accreditation is building product certification scheme set up by the Australian Building Codes Board. Building products and systems displaying the CodeMark logo have been assessed that they comply with the Building Code of Australia (BCA).
Independently assessed CodeMark is an independent assessment under Government supervision. The building industry and consumers can be confident the results and statements are in their best interests.
BCA compliance: KORDON Termite Barrier complies with the BCA - Volume 1: BP1.1 and BP1.2 and Volume 2: P2.1, as these sections relate subterranean termite protection.

Advantages of the KORDON TMB as a Termite Moisture Barrier

Convenience for builders: It's simple, yet ingenious design is uniquely suited to effective and efficient installation on a building site with minimum disruption and organisation by the head building contractor.
The average perimeter installation only takes a few hours and becomes an integral part of the building process.

Flexibility of application: KORDON Termite Barrier is sufficiently flexible to meet even the most difficult and complicated situations, such as, buildings with multiple penetrations or step downs. Kordon can be molded around unusual shapes and can quickly be cut and joined to form a continuous barrier.
Made Tough for Building Site Conditions: KORDON Termite Barrier is a robust product. It takes a sharp knife to cut Kordon, a blunt object has little chance of penetrating the product. If a hole is made accidentally, it can be easily repaired.
Consistency of Product: Each square metre of KORDON Termite Barrier contains a consistent rate of 1 gram of deltamethrin. Kordon is manufactured to strict quality guidelines and quality control procedures by Bayer Environmental Science.
Long Term Warranty: When correctly installed by a Bayer accredited installer, the KORDON Termite Barrier system provides a 10 year warranty backed by Bayer Environmental Science.
For the Life of the Building: Based on on-going research, trial results indicate KORDON Termite Barrier should provide termite protection for more than 50 years.

Environmentally Safe: Bayer has declared KORDON Termite Barrier to be harmless to people and allergy free product. KORDON Termite Barrier is recommended for primary schools and for aged care buildings. The deltamethrin chemical is a synthetic pyrethroid insecticide - meaning it is modeled on the natural extract of the pyrethrum plant.

 Destructive Termites "white-ants" in the Wyong Central Coast Region

Subterranean termites or "white-ants" are a fascinating yet highly destructive timber pest, causing major structural timber damage to domestic and commercial buildings in the Wyong Central Coast Region.
Termites are a serious economic pest in the Wyong Council Region: We estimate about one quarter of all properties in the area will be seriously affected by subterranean termites. That's why virtually all sales of homes in the Wyong Central Coast Region are subject to a Timber Pest Inspection Report to AS.4349 as part of the Contract of Sale.
Click here for details and identification tips on destructive termites white-ants in the Wyong Central Coast Region.

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About FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control Wyong ... our credentials

APCA ... for Your Protection
  Same Family Business Since 1964FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control is a second generation family business. After almost 50 years of providing pest control in Wyong Council Region, we have a valuable reputation to protect and a wealth of knowledge and experience, unmatched by our competitors.
BUSINESS ENTERPRISE AWARDFUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control received a Business Enterprise Award from NSW Govt Office of Small Business & Qantas for development of its EcoSafe Pest Control systems.
Accredited APCA MemberFUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control is an Accredited Member and major supporter of the Australian Pest Controllers Association Inc APCA since it's incorporation in 1987.
Industry Stewardship • FUMAPEST Managing Director served on NSW Govt Pest Control Licensing Board and Standards Australia Committes for Termite Control AS3660 & Termite Inspection Reports AS4349.
Insurance DetailsFUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control maintains public liability and professional indemnity insurances to cover personal injury and faulty workmanship of up to $20 million and $1 million respectively.

WARNING: The NSW EPA Pest Control Licensing is INADEQUATE

Be Careful in selecting a Pest Controller • Unfortunately, it is far too easy to get a NSW Government EPA issued pest control licence and start up a Pest Control business in NSW with little knowledge or experience in providing safe and effective pest control services • click here for more details.
The NSW Pest Control Licensing system is subject to National Competency Assessment guidelines. Mediocre testing can be carried by Private Workplace Assessors (not part of TAFE system). The so called competency assessment can be a combination of oral, written and visual tests ie maybe 1% in writing.
Private Workplace Assessors are given general guidelines in the National Competency Standards but there is no set standard test or specific knowledge requirements. Once privately assessed as "competent" then the NSW EPA Pest Control Licensing will issue a pest control licence to the individual. There is no published list of Private Workplace Assessors so it is difficult to gauge the extent of the problem.
The System is Inadequate: Some Private Assessors offer a one week course. A person so issued with a pest control licence can set up a Pest Control business (not required to register with EPA) and employ an unlimited number of trainees, using pesticides in people's homes without direct personal supervision.
FUMAPEST Setting the Standard in an industry plagued by fly-by-night operators, FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control stands out as a reputable pest control business with excellent reputation in the market-place.
Same Family BusinessSince 1964 • Termite & Pest Control Specialists • AQIS Fumigation Services
FUMAPEST Termite & Pest Control services the Wyong Central Coast Region
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